confessions of a wannabe quilter

i got in some serious sewing time a couple days ago. i sewed a lot of half square triangles together into rows. now i just need to sew the rows together. this isn't my best work, i must admit. some of the blocks weren't lining up perfectly, but i really felt the need to just keep quilting.

see, i must make a confession here.....ready? i've never completed a quilt. for some of you that may not be such a big deal. but in my head {and sometimes out loud} i call myself a quilter. how can i be a quilter without ever having completed a quilt? i do lots of things that quilters do. i buy ridiculous amounts of fabric. i read quilting magazines, books and blogs. i buy quilting tools. i join virtual quilting bees. i even occasionally make quilt blocks. but then i think about binding and basting the quilt and it all comes to a screeching halt.

but this time i feel a change coming on.   i think i'm just going to keep going. past the fear of finishing a quilt top. past the fear of basting and binding. and onto a probably wonky, lumpy, but finished quilt.