crayon party favors tutorial

for jack's birthday a couple weeks ago, we decided to make some crayons in the shape of lego minifigures.  it was really easy and they were a huge hit with my kids and the kids at the party.  now i'm thinking of all kinds of other shapes to use for cool crayons!

we got this minifigure silicone ice cube tray from the lego store, but they have them on amazon as well. i've read online that some people have used metal cupcake tins to repurpose crayons, but i didn't want to worry about trying to get them out of the pan. (plus, we didn't want disc shaped crayons).

i had jack group together about 5 or 6 crayons from a color family.  i was impressed with the colors he chose to put together.  he wanted to make a gray crayon, so he chose black, white, silver, some greys and an ice blue.  i think they came out great!  then i used a razor to cut a slice down the label of the crayon so i could peel it off easily.  we put those crayons in a resealable baggie and he got to use his hammer very carefully to crush them into pieces for easier melting.  (he just turned 8 and is pretty good with a hammer.  if your child isn't ready for a hammer, they can at least help with the color picking part.)

i put the crushed crayons into a paper cup and microwaved it for about 5-6 minutes.  when you take the melted crayons out of the microwave, you have to be super careful because melted wax is h.o.t.  but you also have to act very quickly because the wax starts to cool off fast.  i poured the melted wax into the ice cube tray, filling each minifigure just even with the lip of the tray. (this took a couple rounds until i got it filled just right). if you overfill it, your minifigure will have a domed back, and won't lay flat.

i know some other people in blogland simply put the crushed crayon pieces directly into the silicone molds, but i wanted a more uniform color rather than a marbled minifigure.  (also, i had no idea how many pieces to put into the mold and i didn't want to under- or over-fill).

you could just leave the tray out to cool, but we were (as always) on a short time schedule (we did these the night before the party). so we put them in the freezer for about 5 minutes until they were completely cool/cold. if you try to remove them from the tray too early, you will break them. we had a lot of headless minifigures the first couple times. (and nobody wants headless minifigure crayons in their goody bag). don't worry, if you break your crayons, you can simply re-melt the wax and start over.

we removed them from the molds and put them into tiny little ziploc bags i had on hand from beading projects long ago.  supercute!

if you decide to make these, let me know so i can check them out!