creating. movement.

i got into a place in the last few years where i just didn't create any sort of art.  i didn't have many art/craft ideas.  and i didn't have the little umph i needed to take the few ideas that were swimming in my head and make them come out and onto the canvas or fabric.

so for the last year or so, i've been reading a ton of books, interveiews and blogs about creativity. and i've realized that they all have something in common.  they all involve physical activity.  i've read interviews from bloggers, writers, photographers, dancers, artists, quilters {and the list really goes on...and on}.  almost every single one of them said that when they get stuck, they move.  they go for a walk, a dance, a run.  they go to the gym.  they do yoga or pilates.

i was a competitive runner starting at age 9.  i was competitive all the way through high school, college and then did some post collegiate running with an olympic development team.  and although i've never taken more than a few months of dance class, i'm definitely a dancer in my head.  we have countless dance parties in our house - and i can't help but move when i hear certain songs.  {and don't get me started on the overuse injury i got from the first time i played dance dance revolution....for 3 hours straight}

but during those few years of my creative stuck-ness, i wasn't very active.  i did run and workout, and even taught fitness classes for two years, but i was never active on a consistent basis - a day or two here, a day or two there.

but for 2011, i decided to get my act together.  i've run every day so far. i take pilates 1-2 times a week.  i take a really cool class at the gym called "groove."  i had heard of it and thought it sounded a little cheesy, but my friend convinced me to try it because she knows i love to dance.  it's basically an hour long dance class to really cool music.  i actually cried at the end of the first class i tried.  what an amazing thing to see a group of 30 women of all sizes, shapes, backgrounds, abilities....dancing without fear, without judgment, but with free spirits.

anyway, all of this to say i feel like this is shaping up to be year full of movement and full of creativity.  i've been doing a lot of painting, journaling, photography, and some quilting.  {which reminds me that i really need to take photos of so i can share}