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dear universe illustration my frequent visitors know that over 130 days ago i started a daily practice of writing a page in my journal and drawing in my sketchbook. a few days into it, i realized that each journal entry was ending with a short passage of thanks and a short prayer for some group of people who i thought might need a little boost. i also realized that in some cases, my sketch for the night perfectly went with that prayer...

so an idea was born!   it has been growing and growing inside of me.  and in the last few days it has been beating down the bones in my skull and in my chest to let it free. so i am giving it life. i couldn't be more excited!  (i had originally planned on doing this project and making it into a book to give friends and family at the end of the year, but it was begging to be released now.  that's okay.  i have another idea for a christmas gift book.)

every week this year i'm going to illustrate a prayer for those who may need it. i don't talk about religion on this blog because frankly i don't really know exactly which religion to call my own.  but i DO believe with my whole heart that there is a good force in this world and we can all contribute to it and we can all be healed by it in some way.  i believe sending good thoughts and prayers help us all.   i also believe in showing gratitude.  my prayers in this case are really just messages sent out to the universe to help those that may need it.

i would like to finish this by the end of the year.  since we're 8 weeks into 2013 already (!!) i will have some weeks where i will post multiple prayers.

sometimes the prayers will be big and global, like praying for people who are starving, but more often than not, i am going to focus more on the people that may get overlooked or smaller more concise segments of the world.

are you ready for the first one?

afraid in the dark illustration

dear universe, i'm praying for those afraid in the dark. 1/52.

i specifically chose to say "IN the dark" rather than "OF the dark", because i think it means something totally different and it's more accurate.


see the other posts in the project here.

i welcome any suggestions for prayers you may have. if it moves me, i will illustrate it and add it to this blog project. you can leave your prayer suggestions in the comments of this post or you can send them to me via my contact page.

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