dear universe :: for those crushed by overwhelm

overwhelmed illustration dear universe, a prayer for those crushed by overwhelm....may they find the strength to fight it off and dig their way out.  8/52

i got totally crushed in march, friends. as you may have noticed by my quietness on this blog, twitter, facebook, email, etc. thankfully, i'm not talking about anything terrible; i didn't suffer anything remotely heartbreaking or insurmountable. i just had LOTS of life stuff (mostly good!) and it started to pile on top of me. i started to cave under the weight of it. which made me not want to deal with any of it. so i didn't. but then the pile got bigger exponentially. and you can see the cycle....the more things i need to focus on, the harder it is to do anything, but the more i don't do anything, the more i have to focus on.

here's some of what has been going on around here ::

  • 4 out of the 5 of us in this house have birthdays in march.
  • i start coaching track again at my children's middle school, so 3 nights a week (and a weekend day) are taken and i spend lots of time on email with parents.
  • i've gotten WAY behind on project life and don't know how i'll catch up. (not sure if i'll even try. may just pick up and move on from here)
  • i suffered severe headaches for a large part of the month. it was hard to hold complete thoughts on many days. any suggestions for headaches?
  • the weather. so dark, gloomy, wet and cold. it really brought my morale to a low point. unmotivated, uninterested, unable to enjoy the outdoors (being outside is a large part of what makes me tick)
  • my running took a hit. i had a LOT of days off. see above for one of my many excuses
  • registrations are starting to pour in for our camps and that means a lot of administrative work in the next few months before the FUN part (the camps themselves!)
  • march has been filled with lots of night meetings, school projects, preparations for my daughter's sacraments
  • i got behind in blogging, newsletter writing, replying to email, reading my favorite blogs.  i am sorry if you are one of those who are waiting for a reply.  i'll get there - i promise.
  • i got offered a couple licensing deals, so i've been pouring over those contracts and trying to make big decisions
  • my clean studio space got totally messy and i didn't even want to go inside.

ugh, i'm going to stop now because i sound like a whiny baby. i've realized the month of march in the last few years has been the exact same, so i am here on out declaring march a month of pause. i'll take this month to enjoy our birthdays, and i am going to bust my buns to take us somewhere warm next year. my husband and kids are home for break and the last few days with them has rejuvenated me. and the sun has shown its face! i have a renewed sense of motivation and i'm inspired. i have lots of fun blog posts planned. i'm planning a shop update later this month. i'm still loving my #365patterns project - i haven't missed a day since i started! i can't wait to be back in touch with you all and see what you've been up to. i'm so happy to be back.


"dear universe" is my weekly illustration project for 2013, where i will send a prayer out for those that may need it. see my first post here for more information. see the other posts in the project here.