dear universe :: for those who have lost a loved one

for those who have lost loved ones illustration dear universe, a prayer for those who have lost a loved one .... that they will hang on to those happy memories.  4/52

my birthday was over the weekend.  i went to the mailbox and saw a pink envelope addressed to me and my first thought was "a card from grandma jean!" and then the instant realization that it couldn't be, since she passed away a few years ago.  i had a minute of intense sadness, because i miss her so much  and i think about her every single day.  but then i got flooded with memories of all the times my mailbox DID contain a letter from her.  i am so blessed to have had her in my life.

i have a few friends who have suffered losses this week and i am sending this prayer to you.

"dear universe" is my weekly illustration project for 2013, where i will send a prayer out for those that may need it. see my first post here for more information. see the other posts in the project here.