DIY goal tracker

hope you don't get tired of all this "going after my new dream job" thing, cause i have a feeling it might stick around for awhile.  anyway, i have a lot of things i want/need to buy in order to start selling my prints/illustrations.  and i also don't have tons of money hanging around waiting to be spent.  being the visual person that i am, i looked around online for some kind of visual goal tracker so i could see the money adding up to make my dream job possible. i didn't find anything.  unless you count the thermometer with red mercury. no thank you. so i made my own ::DIY visual goal tracker just a simple segmented triangle, drawn in hot pink ink. when i reach certain increments, i will use my pretty washi tape to show my progress.  i know it seems pretty stark, but i kind of like the idea of streamlining, and just focusing on what i need to do.  and yes, i have a long way to go... but i'm getting there, one strip of washi tape at a time.