do.tell. #4

~~a little glimpse into my world this week~~added to my to-read list :: the facebook effect, the hunger games, the alchemist, hector and the search for happiness {basically based on the cover} loving :: creating our valentine's cards. added to my ipod :: see these bones, hey baby (drop it to the floor) special moment :: the kids laughing their heads off at the sheets of ice melting off the windows, creating shapes like pigs and falling men. proud of myself for :: 1 full month of no soda, and running every day. not getting overwhelmed by all the things i take on. thankful for :: {other than my family} the women at pilates. excited about :: get your paint on!!! even better than i expected. need to work on :: cleaning and rearranging my craft room.  i. must. do. this.

tammie bennett2 Comments