do.tell. #8

{a glimpse into the past week of my world} reading or read :: miranda's big mistake, staying at daisy's, flying lessons {e-book} watching :: morning glory.{meh.} love and other drugs. {~eh.} listening :: freelance whales, edward sharpe + the magnetic zeroes excited about :: the kids' craft room finally being clean and organized, new possibilities and new directions for me, our family business website almost ready to go live wearing :: my toms again now that the snow has melted! thankful for :: jack's wonderful birthday and the 8 years we've had of him. 3 healthy, happy kids. proud of :: my 11 mile run! iphone apps i'm loving :: dogood, words with friends {i'm tamaroo if you want to play}

{if you feel have a similar type of post on your blog, feel free to link to it in the comments. i've had a couple people email and say they liked the idea of it and wanted to play along. so yes, play along! i'd love to see what you've been up to!}

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