DOZENdozen :: january :: butterflies

for 2015, i've decided to do 12 pieces of art each month.  a DOZENdozen.  each month i'll pick a new subject matter and will do all 12 pieces on that subject.  my goal is to try to post 3 pieces a week and a bonus post at the end of the month showing all 12 together in some fashion (maybe an art print, maybe a pattern, etc).  i haven't decided if i will do all paintings or let some other media in.  we shall see how it unfolds.  i may share sneak peeks on instagram under #DOZENdozen.

tammie bennett's folky butterfly for her project #DOZENdozen

my subject matter of choice for january is butterflies. today i'm posting the first three :: 

tammie bennett's sky eye butterfly for her monthly art project #DOZENdozen
tammie bennett's xwing butterfly for her year long art project #DOZENdozen