#dozenmonthchallenge month 1 business edition : wholesale catalog creation

tigerpocket press catalog gif

my goal for month 1 business edition of my #dozenmonthchallenge was to create my wholesale catalog for my stationery business (@tigerpocketpress). this seemed like a bananas-crazy goal. i learned a completely new-to-me program (adobe indesign®), i took (and edited) tons of photos, wrote copy, designed the layout, and i DID IT! it was SO MUCH work and a HUGE learning curve. but i did it!

I’ve had inventory of almost 100 card designs for months but hadn’t gotten my act together to put the catalog together because it seemed so overwhelming. (and i spent the summer with great quality time with my kids).

i’m so thankful for the indesign field guide e-course by paper and oats. it is jam-packed with info and taught me everything i needed to know. if you ever want to learn how to use adobe indesign, i highly recommend this course!

i’m also thankful for katie hunt of tradeshow bootcamp. i took her e-course on selling products wholesale - so good! she covered everything i needed to know about what to include in my catalog and i would have been so lost without her sharing her knowledge.

my catalog is scheduled to be delivered today and i’ll be working on sending it to lots of dream stores over the next month.

let me know if you have any cute retail shops where i should send my catalog!