#dozenmonthchallenge month 1 personal edition recap : visualization

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for those not following along on my instagram, here’s a little background on this year’s project. from september 13, 2018 to september 12, 2019, i’ll be doing the #dozenmonthchallenge. it’s a challenge i created for myself wherein each month i will give extra focus to one aspect of my life. i’ll do an activity that brings that focus into reality and i’ll post it every day on instagram. i’ll do a personal edition and a business edition each month. the purpose is to have a little accountability and to improve upon areas i think need a little work. i’ve invited anyone interested to join in and use the hashtags i assign each month.

here’s my recap of my #dozenmonthchallenge month 1 personal edition : visualization. i chose visualization because sometimes i feel a little lost, like when i try to think of what i want my life to look like in 5 or 10 years, my mind is blank. i have trouble imagining what that life will look like. i read SO MANY interviews with athletes who say they visualized their performance over and over and over until it became a reality in their mind. so when the actual day of competition came, they felt like they had done it a million times before.

this month was hard. it was hard to get myself to sit still in meditation and imagine my future. (i’ve meditated every day for a year before, but this was harder, maybe because there was an assigned job to do, an expectation for what i should accomplish during each sitting.)

here are my three biggest takeaways from this month’s project

  1. narrowing down your vision to a very specific aspect was helpful for me. i used a visualization jar (an idea i got from carrie green’s book) it really helped me focus on one particular thing and go deep into detail and really get a clear vision. otherwise, my mind drifted all over the place. i used insight timer to play music for 2-5 minutes and then i really focused on whatever was written on the slip of paper i pulled out of my visualization jar. this was the most effective way to visualize for me.

  2. there are more ways to visualize than sitting in still quiet. i realized that even though i didn’t sit in silence and visualize every day, i took part in other forms that were powerful. running on trails without music or conversation always helps me visualize certain aspects of my future. i’ve been doing this for decades but never called it visualization. there were also moments when i looked at images that represented what i want for the future and deeply imagined myself in those situations and it made it so real.

  3. it worked! without realizing it or consciously thinking about it, i ran 28 of the 30 days. that’s the most consistent i’ve been with my running in months and months. and can you guess one of the things i visualized consistently? you got it, i spent a lot of time visualizing myself being fit, strong, healthy.

do you meditate or visualize? any tips or resources for me?