#dozenmonthchallenge month 2 business edition : order prep

tigerpocket greeting cards

my goal for month two of #dozenmonthchallenge : business edition was order prep.  i sent my wholesale catalog to press on the last day of month 1, so i had a lot of work to do to get ready for orders.  i had at least 30 things on my list - some huge and some tiny.  things like setting up an etsy shop, simple website, FB page, designing and ordering packaging and shipping supplies, ordering inventory, setting up a system for orders coming in, etc.

i quickly realized that i needed a plan in place because it was so easy to get lost down rabbit holes when sourcing and researching.

i ended up switching from asana to todoist and i’m religiously entering my tasks and projects and then checking in multiple times a day. especially when i find myself with 30 browser tabs open. this has saved me!

i created a tigerpocket press facebook page. not really sure what my plan is for this, but i will figure that out as i go.

i created a simple tigerpocket press website, mostly geared towards wholesale buyers. i’m working on setting up a wholesale ordering site.

i took inventory and ordered more inventory. i had a couple fiascos with paper supply and some packaging materials, so i had to source new companies and get samples and re-do orders. i found a new amazing printing company and also found a different printing company i will never use again (not naming names)

i opened up my tigerpocket etsy shop and stocked it with cards, art prints and enamel pins.

i set up a newsletter for tigerpocket press - click here to sign up for the newsletter and get special deals and inside scoop.

i established myself as a business and filed for licenses, etc.

i folded and packaged up lots of cards and sent catalogs to dream stores.

i’m still figuring out systems for online wholesale ordering, a contact management system, inventory tracking. (i may use a future month to work on systems!)