#dozenmonthchallenge month 2 personal edition recap : daily dancing

tammie bennett daily dancing

here’s my recap of my #dozenmonthchallenge month 2 personal edition : daily dance. i chose to do a dance everyday because my life has been feeing a little heavy and i wanted to remind myself that we are here to have a little fun. we are here to enjoy music and the movement of our bodies. even if we think we have no dancing “talent,” i believe we are meant to do it.

this month was FUN! and hard. some days i was worn out and felt uncreative and didn’t feel like moving. some days i literally couldn’t think of a single move to do. but other days i knew exactly what i wanted to do and what music i wanted to do it to. on those days i had a super clear vision of what i wanted the look and feel to be.

it was hard to get myself to sit still in meditation and imagine my future. (i’ve meditated every day for a year before, but this was harder, maybe because there was an assigned job to do, an expectation for what i should accomplish during each sitting.)

here are my biggest takeaways from this month’s project

  1. it was fun to realize how many people in real life were paying attention. i had a lot of fun conversations when i ran into people who had been following along.

  2. i wrote to one of my very favorite (and very famous) choreographers to ask if he would choreograph a 15 second dance for me. he didn’t reply. but i’m super proud of myself for asking.

  3. i made a spotify playlist for you guys if you liked some of the songs.

  4. initially i thought i would do a bunch of famous dances like from wizard of oz, footloose, flashdance, etc. and i did do the dance from the a-ha video. but in the end, i wanted the movement to come naturally from me without having watched a video first or planned my moves ahead of time.

  5. my husband and oldest daughter were super helpful and accommodating and filmed me when and where i asked. they gave me some good ideas, too.

  6. most days i did multiple takes. usually about 3-4 and then picked my favorite.

  7. except for one day, no one joined me. i thought for sure i’d have some people asking to join in. but that’s okay!

for those not following along on my instagram, here’s a little background on this year’s project. from september 13, 2018 to september 12, 2019, i’ll be doing the #dozenmonthchallenge. it’s a challenge i created for myself wherein each month i will give extra focus to one aspect of my life. i’ll do an activity that brings that focus into reality and i’ll post it every day on instagram. i’ll do a personal edition and a business edition each month. the purpose is to have a little accountability and to improve upon areas i think need a little work. i’ve invited anyone interested to join in and use the hashtags i assign each month.