draw today

i haven't been in this space for a while because i've been having a wee bit of a pity party.  i have three young kids, i coach 5 days a week, my husband coaches 7 days a week, and is away on most saturdays for track meets.  my husband and i have our own business which i help run from home, so we can never really get away from work.  plus it's the end of the school year with lots of trips, parties, and activities all crammed into the last few weeks.  oh, and i run and do pilates every day if i'm not too exhausted.  and then i have this blog.  i have ideas all day long about things i can blog about. but i'm struggling to find time and energy to blog when my kids have gone to bed.  don't get me wrong ..... i love, love, love my life and what i've been blessed with.  i just sometimes get overwhelmed by it all so i curl up on the couch and veg out to tv or books and think "why don't i get time to do what i want to do with my art and my blog?" and so it was that i came across emily's twitter feed with a link to an excellent blog post about what phil wishes they taught in art school. it was such a wonderful wake up call. my favorite part was where he says "draw everyday." sounds so obvious, right? i tell my athletes that running is cumulative and if they want to get better at running, they have to run more days a week. it makes sense. phil says "creativity is a muscle. if you want that muscle to stay strong you've got to use it everyday."  i have to stop saying, "if i can't finish the painting in one sitting, i'm not even going to start."  so silly.  i just have to draw.

so i decided that i'm going to draw/paint/sketch something everyday.  want to see what i drew yesterday?

i painted squiggles with watercolors and then used ink to make it into a crazy lady.  i got the idea from this post about fun craft party projects.

i'll try to post my sketchbook everyday.  even if it's a silly little smiley face in pencil.