everything is broken and nothing is broken.

this week has been one of those weeks where technology and other little things seem to fail. i swear i think i have a period of time each year when i give off powerful magnetic rays that break things. (okay, that's sounding scarily comic-book dorky). here's the breakdown. (haha pun intended) ::

  • my computer crashed last week.  but it's an apple, and after a quick little trip to the apple store, it was back up and better than before!  here is where i could insert a snarky little comment about the computer i used to have that was evil personified, but i won't.  i'll just say that it rhymed with hell, which is superbly fitting.
  • my iphone lost its wifi yesterday  and it hasn't come back
  • this very website was down today, but is obviously back up because here you are!
  • our running camp website was down.
  • i tried to get into the wrong car in the parking lot and couldn't understand why it wouldn't open. (until i looked in the window and saw how spotless it was inside, and knew straightaway that it couldn't be anything belonging to me.)
  • i dropped a fresh loaf of unwrapped bread into the parking lot of the food store, and i quickly picked it back up while 4 people in cars wondered to themselves if i was actually going to eat it. i totally panicked and had no idea what to do with it.... does the 5 second rule apply to bread in parking lots?
  • i got the snaps sewed onto the wrong parts of maggie's recital costume.
  • but as all of these little nagging things have been going on for the last week, i haven't gotten down about it. i have so, so very much going right. not broken. i am just grateful for it all.