fall cleaning and my boy is growing up...

trucksi spent hours with each kid today helping to clean their rooms and secretly throwing out the many pieces of broken toys they were hanging onto. i filled up 2 huge trash bags (and that's not counting the huge amounts of toys, clothes and books that are still in good enough shape to donate to charity). while i was slaving away upstairs chris decided to tackle the garage. i came out to visit him and saw that he had uncovered the huge bins of thomas the train sets that jack is too old for (and has been "for years", according to him). i got excited and began telling chris my plans for selling the huge lot of them on ebay for tons and tons of money. but as i picked up each train and i realized that i still knew the names for all of them, i got caught up with a gripping fear of getting rid of the trains. i remember searching diligently for some of those trains. i remember spending half my days in the thomas aisle while jack decided which train to buy. and then there was that lovely saturday afternoon when we got a call from our friends letting us know there was a huge sale on train tables at the toy store ::  we were there in seconds flat, finally the proud owners of a train table.   the trains were such a huge part of our lives for those first few years and i just can't bear to let them go quite yet.

sooo,  my eager plans to sell the trains on ebay became eager plans to save the trains for jack's kids.  oh, well.

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