february goals check in

head in the trees illustration i've had an idea brewing in my head and i think a new project is coming along. do you ever get that way where something just keeps whispering in your head and you finally have to listen? stay tuned.

we're halfway through the month, so it's time to check in on my monthly goals ::

  • inbox to zero :: i've been pretty good at this. only 1 or 2 days did i go to bed with things in my inbox and that's just because i forgot to deal with them. i've been using the mailbox app for gmail and iphone users. i really like it, but i did need to sync my lists since i file lots of emails away.
  • keeping the streaks alive :: i've rocked the house on this. every single day i've written in my journal, sketched in my sketchbook, created a pattern and posted it on instagram. i love having these streaks, because even on the days where i'm unmotivated or consumed by life tasks (taxiing my kids around, laundry, trips to post office and bank), at the very least i  have a journal entry, sketch and pattern to show for the day's creativity. love that!
  • daily exercise streak plus strength exercise ::  oof, this has been a tough one. i've had some very unmotivated days, and lots of just-two-milers, but i've stuck to it. the added strength part has been really fun and i feel stronger already.
  • paint more :: uh-oh. sort of failing at this one at the moment. i did have a day where i painted for a few hours but man, it was ugly! it was my first time painting in weeks and i had to shake off the rust. i really should have painted again the next day to work on painting through the ugly, but i was discouraged. i must remedy this situation. really going to try to get a lot of painting in for the rest of this month.

what are  you working on this month?  can you believe it's already mid-february?!

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