finding something to focus on when you're overwhelmed with ideas

 a few days ago, i wrote about the jungle of ideas in my head.  here's what i do to see through the chaos and figure out what to focus on.  

find something to focus on when you are overwhelmed with ideas

first i do some background base work to build my foundation for kicking ass. i do this any time i feel overwhelmed, lost, overbooked, etc.  so like once a week.  haha.  nah, more like once a month or quarter probably.  

  1. i write down EVERYTHING in my head.  every teeny tiny little thing, no matter how silly, dumb, too daring, or a waste of time.  i write down all the ideas i have for big fatty projects.  i write down all the errands i have to run to keep my family and household afloat.  i write down deadlines, submission dates, etc.  
  2. i look back at my manifesto, goals, etc. (you can see my personal manifesto here and my business manifesto here). if you haven’t written one, take a few minutes to do it now.  #worthit. 
  3. now i go back to my brain dump from step 1.  i circle all the things that are going to help me get closer to those goals and guidelines on my manifesto.  as i'm doing this, i'm looking to find one thing that if i do it, it will cause a chain reaction to other things to get me closer to that goal. the ones that don’t fit in with my manifesto can be deleted, delegated or ignored for now (writing them down will get them out of your head and clear up space).  
  4. for now, i choose one big fatty project that’s going to be totally true to my goals and manifesto.  usually when i'm circling things, there will be one that gives me more joy and excitement than all the others.  so i go with that one.  remember, just choose ONE, people.  
  5. now i write down all the major steps for that one big fatty goal.  i find it overwhelming at this point to write down every single thing, so i’ll just put the main steps or stages of the project. for example,  if my big fatty goal is to open up an etsy shop, my main steps would be : order supplies for creating product, create product, photograph product, write product descriptions, create and order packaging, order shipping supplies, update etsy banners, policies, etc.  (you might then want to break down each step into tiny steps)

now that i have my one big, fatty goal to focus on, and the major steps to get there, i'm ready to get stuff done!  

check back soon to see what i do on a daily basis to keep my goal in mind and stay focused.  i'll even give you the downloadable worksheet i use.