finger knitting bracelets

i saw some awesome jersey knit bracelets on v and co.'s blog yesterday and immediately knew i had to make them.

i have had these awesome striped jersey knits for a few years, but i've been terrified of sewing them since i don't have a serger. i couldn't bring myself to get rid of them or donate them because they are striped. especially the red and white striped one~that one's not going anywhere. if i could wear something red and white striped every day, i totally would.

anyway, i woke this morning and while emmie was having oatmeal, i made the first bracelet. instant gratification.

my sister and i used to do this technique with yarn while visiting my grandmother in california. we called it finger knitting. we once finger knitted an entire skein of yarn one day. i'm talking one of those gigantic acrylic skeins of yarn you can by at discount stores. we had no idea what we were going to do with the 50 foot long (or longer!?) knitted piece that came from our fingers. we talked of sewing it into a rug or a dress. my poor grandmother - i imagine her now having to walk back and forth over our ropes and ropes of finger knitting that we trailed behind us when we walked from room to room. and forget about asking us to help her gather the laundry from the line outside :: "but grandma, we can't! our hands are full of finger knitting!"

i made one for emma too, which means i must make one for maggie before she gets of the bus. i wish i had more arms around here that needed bracelets. i could make these all day.