forty touches :: 1

i'm going to start at the beginning.  with god.

tammie bennett's 40touches project to celebrate turning 40

i don't use this blog to talk about religion although i consider myself a spiritual person.  i haven't yet found the perfect organized religion for me but i do pray and practice gratitude daily.  i try to be the very best and kindest person i can be.  i believe in honesty and i believe in serving others.  i believe there is a higher power and a greater good.

so god. i'll start here.  god.  without whom i wouldn't be here.  from the beginning almost 40 years ago.  god.  without whom i wouldn't have survived some crazy college nights. 

god.  who thankfully answered my prayers with a "nope" when i asked for things i shouldn't have.  god.  who thankfully answered my prayers with a "heck yeah!" even when i didn't think i deserved a yes.  god. who gives me little gifts every single day even though i'm nowhere near perfect.


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to celebrate turning 40, i'm posting a sketch and short writeup of a moment or a person who has touched my life in a positive way.  i will post each day until i turn 40 in march.  i can't wait to share these moments with you.  

i will be posting them in no particular order.  i acknowledge that negative moments have also had an impact on my life, but seeing as how this is a celebration project, i won't be posting those.  

also, i am choosing to only mention 40 because i'm turning 40, and therefore i can't possibly mention all the people, places or moments that have touched me in a positive way.  this is just a sampling that i thought would be fun to talk about and include.

i hope this encourages you to reach out to those who have touched your life in some way.