forty touches :: 3

tammie bennett's 40touches project celebrating her 40 years of life with a post each day until march about someone who has touched her life in a positive way

to celebrate turning 40, i'm posting a sketch and short writeup of a moment or a person who has touched my life in a positive way.  i will post each day until i turn 40 in march.  

#3 is courtney pernell.  she was my first friend when i moved to a small north carolina town the summer before sixth grade.  when she and another friend showed me their dance moves to broken wings by mister mister, i knew we were meant to be friends.  

she was my friend even though i had braces, a really bad perm, dry elbows and square fingernails.  she was my friend even though i lived in a messy, chaotic house filled with crazy people.  i was a nerd through and through and she loved me just the same.  

she introduced me to the cure and it changed some of the cells in my body forever. court made me laugh like no other.  i still smile like crazy every single time i think about her.


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i will be publishing my 40touches posts in no particular order.  i acknowledge that negative moments have also had an impact on my life, but seeing as how this is a celebration project, i won't be posting those.  

also, i am choosing to only mention 40 because i'm turning 40, and therefore i can't possibly mention all the people, places or moments that have touched me in a positive way.  this is just a sampling that i thought would be fun to talk about and include.

i hope this encourages you to reach out to those who have touched your life in some way.