forty touches :: 8

tammie bennett's 40 touches project

to celebrate turning 40, i'm posting a sketch and short writeup of a moment or a person who has touched my life in a positive way.  i will post each day until i turn 40 in march.  

#8 is my grandma's friends ellie and marvel.  

in my childhood, i spent a lot of time visiting my grandparents in california during the summers.  my grandmother had a weekly (i think) date with her girlfriends ellie and marvel.  they would eat snacks and play scrabble while i played outside in the pool.  ellie had an amazing pool house where i would change into my swim suit in the dark, musty room right next to a dusty, out of tune piano.  

i would play in the pool, occasionally looking through the sliding glass door at my grandmother and her friends.  i loved seeing them with looks of utter concentration, trying to figure out their next word.  their periodic bursts of energized conversation and laughter dotted the afternoon.  

the image of them sitting around the table bathed in a warm, faded light like an old photograph will always be with me and will always keep me warm.  and it will remind me what true friendship means.


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i will be publishing my 40touches posts in no particular order.  i acknowledge that negative moments have also had an impact on my life, but seeing as how this is a celebration project, i won't be posting those.  

also, i am choosing to only mention 40 because i'm turning 40, and therefore i can't possibly mention all the people, places or moments that have touched me in a positive way.  this is just a sampling that i thought would be fun to talk about and include.

i hope this encourages you to reach out to those who have touched your life in some way.