foxflower :: #365patterns

tbennett foxflower repeat pattern yesterday i needed to take a day off. i've had lots of little annoying problems with my website and blog recently and i've been pushing through lots of feelings of needing a break. so i broke yesterday. i read an amazing book "the fault in our stars" (and almost cried when i came across one of my very fave poems of all time).

this pattern came about in late evening when i was feeling incredibly uninspired and a wee bit grouchy. i gave myself 15 minutes to just create something. i picked a color pattern and just drew the first shape that appeared in my head. which looked a little like a fox, but i wasn't in the mood to draw foxes. so i drew foxflowers. here you have it.

what's this #365patterns challenge all about? melanie burk and alma loveland issued a challenge to create a pattern a day and share on instagram. anyone can join. see more info here. to see the other patterns i've posted as part of this challenge, click here.

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