froot loop hat :: knit in progress

hand knit hat in progressworking on a quick knit hat. one of my favorite parts of knitting is when the kids crowd around me the moment they see me pick up the yarn and needles. "what are you making?", "who is it for?", "oh, this yarn is so soft!", "can you teach me how to knit, mama?" i've tried teaching them, but they are a little too young to really get the movements down, but i'll gladly give them a ball of yarn and let them "knit" alongside me.  i can't wait for the hours we will spend knitting and sewing together.

not sure who this one will be for, but jack has already told me that it is too girly for him, so the girls will share this one until i can quickly knit another.  i'm calling it the froot loop hat because the colors remind me of the cereal. which is actually quite gross, so maybe it should be the rainbow hat instead...

what's on your needles?