gifts i'm totally excited to give my kids

this year, there are a few gifts that i'm having a hard time waiting to give the kids.jack :: draw star wars, lego black pearl, lego ideas book - this book is amazing.  makes my nerdy side get all pumped up.

maggie :: clear glasses - she's been asking for these for about a year now, ipod speakers - so she can jam out in her room, nan lawson springtime girl print - mags learned how to ride her bike this year and is very proud, so this print is fitting.

emmie :: microphone with a stand and my amplifier.  i don't use the amp anymore, and i can't wait to hear her sing her head off. cinderella dress up shoes. okay, so i'm not a big fan of disney princesses. at all. she's never even seen cinderella or most of the other disney movies. but if you saw the way her face freaks out when she tries them on in the store, you'd buy them too.

tammie bennett4 Comments