girl. painting.

since i started painting, i've found that i paint in a flurry, often working on 3-5 pieces at once.  i think it's because once i get going the ideas really start to flow and i pull out just one more canvas.  {or i'm just too lazy to get out my paints, brushes and water, so i put it off until my head starts to burst with ideas and i can't put it off any longer!}

this is one of the pieces i completed yesterday.  it's kind of amazing to me how much time one tiny little piece can take.  this girl is only 4x4 inches, but she has a lot of layers.  i was really nervous about painting a girl, because i don't really draw or paint people, but i'm pretty happy with her.

we had a lovely weekend.  the sun even peeked out and the boys played basketball, while the girls painted inside.

*our thoughts and prayers are going out to japan.  we're focusing on being grateful for what we have, while we pray for their healing.*


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