goals + dreams journal for kids

in the last few days of 2010, we were on a road trip ~ my husband and myself and our 3 kids.  we were talking about the things we would like to do in the new year.  we came up with  all kinds of fun things like camping in the backyard, swimming in the ocean, fruit picking, and seeing a play.  i dutifully wrote down all of the suggestions into my journal.

but lately i've been thinking {as i've been working on my own mondo beyondo life list} that it would be really helpful to them to have their dreams and goals close at hand.  and even better, if they were to write or draw those things for themselves.  i don't want to ever put a damper on what dreams they have about what they want to do as they are growing up, or who they want to be.  i hope i can always encourage them and support them on their journey.  so i came up with this little book for them to fill out with words, drawings, stickers... you name it.

because they are so young, i came up with some "topics", but i imagine they will interpret these in different ways, and as they get older, they will come up with pages of their own...{which makes me realize i should have left blank pages in the book!!}

here are a few peeks at some inside pages ::

i think i may put a little tutorial together for this book and post it here soon.

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