i super heart these business cards and artist

i've been trying to come up with a business card for myself because apparently they are a necessity at ALT.  for the last couple weeks, i've been looking around online and i've come up with a list of dream elements that i'd love to have on my cards. then tonight, while visiting oh so beautiful paper, i came across these cards that literally made my chest hurt a little bit. they have everything on my business card wish list. they are amazing. like, my very favorite business cards ever.  check 'em out ::

dolce press business card for danny roberts

image from dolce press :: the printers of these amazing letterpress cards for danny roberts.

wanna know why i love them so much? let's check out my personal business card wish list  ::

  • edge printing :: check
  • cool illustration on one side :: check.  {i have actually contemplated sketching on 200+ business cards.   crazy?  you betcha.}
  • black and white with pop of color :: check
  • rounded corners :: check
  • letterpress on gorgeous paper :: check
  • gold foil! :: check

check out dolce press for more images of the cards and lots of other great work.  ah-maz-ing.

♥ ♥ and as a bonus, i have a new artist to add to my list of faves :: danny roberts. ♥ ♥

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