on greatly

tammie bennett's print on greatly

i had a great time at SURTEX. i'm busy working and following up with the companies and people i met.  I'll give you a big, fat blog post on monday to tell you all about what i learned and my observations from the show.

in the meantime, i have some exciting news to share.  Have you heard of great.ly?  it's a gorgeous site where makers make things exclusive to the site, tastemakers choose what things to put in their virtual boutiques, and shoppers buy beautiful products.  

some of my very favorites bloggers are on the site as tastemakers and they have already been filling their online shops with amazing things.  check out jennifer cooper, the jealous curator, and little big bell.   

i am a maker on great.ly.  as much as i LOVE using bold, bright colors and patterns, i craved simplicity like you wouldn't believe after the visual overdose of SURTEX.  so i have stocked my studio with very simple, mostly black and white images that i want to see in my workspace.   

i love the print above.  it can be found here.  i have really been feeling this message lately and have written it in my journal a few times in the past month.  stay in it.  stay in it even when times are tough and feel overwhelming.  stay in it until it gets better.  stay in it when you are in a moment of magic.  feel it. absorb it.  stay in it