hot pink lipstick is the first step

hot pink lipstickmany, many years ago i had fun shopping for clothes for myself.  i used to have fun putting outfits together. i used to think about shoes and accessories and jewelry.  people used to comment on my crazy style.  i had a style.

then i got busy and lazy.  i became a grad student with not much free time, and certainly not much money. i got even lazier about what i wore and how i looked. and then i had kids. 3 kids in 4 years to be exact. that dissolved every last wisp of style i had.  i was lucky if i even showered every day, or if i went through a whole day without getting covered in food or marker.

chris has always been amazing at giving me time to myself, and he would urge me to go shopping for awhile.  (probably more due to his disgust at my perpetual outfit of yoga pants and running shoes.)  but every time i went shopping, i found myself buying tiny little clothes for my three tiny little people.  how can you resist itty bitty cardigans?  and you don't have to look in a badly-lit mirror to buy kids' clothes.

my youngest is 4 now and i feel like i am just starting to climb out of the fog.  sadly, i can stand in my closet and count on one hand the pieces that excite me.  but at least i'm noticing and that's more than i can say for the past few years.   (kind of like getting rid of a bad habit means you must first know you have a problem!).  i don't even know what looks i like for myself anymore.  what do i want to express about myself?  will people think i'm going through a mid-life crisis if they see me in something other than jeans or yoga pants??  thankfully,  i do know at least vaguely what is on trend, and i do keep up with several style blogs.

i've spent the past few weeks really paying attention to colors, patterns, shapes, outfits, shoes  and accessories.  i've been sort of making mood boards in my head about what outfits would really make me feel good about myself.  i am going to spend some time on polyvore.  i'm going to go shopping.  here on the blog, i will be showing you some of my progress from time to time as i rebuild the outside of me... hope you don't mind.

i am inspired by betsey johnson partly because she is insane and partly because she has such a strong personal style - she really knows who she is and what she likes.  i realized in the car yesterday that i really need to start wearing lipstick.  and it needs to be bold.  i bought some hot pink lipstick at target today.  i put it on right when i got home and my whole day has changed.  seriously.  i've actually gone and looked in the mirror.  on purpose!

next step :: gotta get out of these yoga pants!