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tbennett-houses houses. i made a these houses over a year ago to practice my symbol work in alma's illustrator class and decided to make them into a pattern.  i think i'd like to live in that village. if you ask me, i'd guess  dance parties are a regular event there.

tbennett-houses i initially made the pattern in this colorway but i think it's not quite as fun (definitely no dance parties), but my husband likes it better, so i'll post it too.

which one do you like better? you won't hurt my feelings if you side with him. he rarely wins an argument with me so it will feed his ego. ;)

what's this #365patterns challenge all about? melanie burk and alma loveland issued a challenge to create a pattern a day and share on instagram. anyone can join. see more info here. to see the other patterns i've posted as part of this challenge, click here

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