how not to lose your marbles

this past year and especially this summer, we've had a few issues with our kids' humor. with three kids ages 8 and under, you can probably imagine what i'm talking about. for those of you without kids, i'll give you a hint.....their jokes revolve around certain body parts {butts}, and certain bodily functions {burps and farts}. oh my goodness, i can't believe i'm writing about farts. that's what my life has come to?? anyway, the more we get angry and tell the kids that that is not appropriate humor, especially at the dinner table, the funnier it gets to them. but on the other hand if we ignore it, it escalates and gets completely out of hand. so what to do? (taking away the tv or angry birds on the ipod didn't work). we decided on a system known as the marble jar. for good behaviors they get a marble. for bad ones, they get one taken away. when the jar is full, they get an award. we have used this in the past and it worked amazingly well. so now that the new school year is upon us, we are ramping up the marble jar. they are busy deciding what award they would like once the marble jar is full, and believe me, that's not an easy task. when we are in full-on marble jar mode, they don't get random gifts.  no books just because we happen to be in the bookstore, no random dollar toys when we pass the dollar aisle in target.

what do you do in your house?  what behaviors would be on the get-a-marble list?  which ones would be on the lose-a-marble-list?