how we spent our days

bike rideshe rode her bike for real for the first time today. my favorite moment of the weekend was her riding around the corner full speed ahead, followed closely by a sprinting chris, followed by jack shouting and laughing, followed by me + em holding hands laughing and running as fast as we could. the chilly fall air combined with our excitement at her accomplishment, along with the darkness filled with our laughter and whooping made for a memory i hope will be etched in all of us forever.  {you may wonder why we are having our precious daughter learn to ride her bike in the dark.  that's just how we roll.  literally.}

another great moment was when the {nationally ranked} cross country team my husband coaches won their state championship.  and they didn't even have a great day.  exciting things to come in the next few weeks!

chris gave me a lot of time to work on my painting and illustrator class homework while he wrangled the kids, food shopping and cooking.  i had headphones on listening to a video, when i heard peals of laughter erupting from the hallway.  i took the headphones off and just listened to all three of my babies in a moment of pure bliss.  i tried to just sit and soak it all in, but curiosity got the better of me and i had to check it out.  here's what i found :: toilet paper tower.  yep, folks. it's a whole package of toilet paper. who needs toys...

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