i believe i will

i believe i willi downloaded adobe illustrator onto my computer at 10:30 last night, and played around with it for a little bit to explore a little.  see what i came up with?   i will be taking an illustrator class from nicole's classes starting this week. i've heard really great things about the class, so i will keep you posted. i've never used it before tonight, so i expect a big fat learning curve.   yes, if you are keeping track, that's 3 classes i'm taking right now.  and a new one will start when one of them ends.  but if you know me, and if you hang around this blog long enough, you will soon find out, i like to keep my plate overflowing.  that's just how i operate.  and i am very serious about my goal of becoming an illustrator/designer, so i feel like there's no time like the present to get it rollin'.

other things i'm excited about ::

  • if you are ever in a creative rut, read the dot. we borrowed it from the library, and i think we'll have to buy it so it can be ours forever.
  • our kids had a blast trick-or-treating and there were tons of people out in our neighborhood so it was super festive.
  • my husband and i put on a successful race for grammar school kids on sunday despite the freak snow storm that happened on saturday.
  • i'm going to alt!! alt design summit is where designers, bloggers, and social media all crash into each other in a great big ball of fun. at least that what i've heard. this will be my first time going. are you going? have you been?
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