i did it in 2011

2011 confetti
at the end of each year i like to look back at all that i accomplished before sitting down to make up my list for the next year's goals. it makes me feel satisfied and proud, and ready to get into the new year.here are some things i am proud of accomplishing in 2011 ::

  • i gave up soda >> this was really hard for me, but so rewarding!
  • i ran 75 days in a row in the beginning of the year
  • went away overnight with chris and without the kids ~ can't wait to do it again
  • figured out my dream job
  • had a successful and very busy summer of running camps, coaching and running events with our family business
  • took a lot of e-courses that really helped me figure things out >> get your paint on, mondo beyondo, blogging your way, nicole's classes (illustrator 101), art and business of surface pattern design
  • ran several long runs (12-14 miles) with friends - i forgot how great it is to run with other people!
  • started learning adobe illustrator. love, love, love.
  • figured out what i really want this blog to be about
  • had some really amazing times with my kids
  • survived our first (and only, i hope) trip to the ER for one of our kids
  • got even closer to chris, and didn't think it was possible
  • traveled to cape cod to visit family
  • changed my running stride - no more heel striking for me!
  • made a few small steps to spending more time with friends
  • did some large paintings, digital art, repeat patterns, and sketches
  • ran a couple races for the first time in many years - i forgot how fun it is
  • ripped up carpet in 2 rooms of our house
  • bought a piano/keyboard and started teaching myself some songs
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