if this don't make your booty move...

typography poster

another typography poster i've been working on. this is a song quote that gets stuck in my head a lot from fat boy slim. and speaking of fat boy slim, you've gotta check out his video with christopher walken.  love, love, love.

to send you off on your lovely weekend, here are some artists that make my booty shake ::

  • kat mcleod :: sigh. her work is so amazing. i want to wallpaper a room in my house with it.
  • oliver jeffers :: love his children's book illustrations
  • lisa congdon :: total artist crush on her.
  • nan lawson :: love her work. and she has the same last name as my late grandparents ♥
  • olaf jajek :: love his color choices. {thank you lisa for introducing me to his work!}

what {or who} makes your booty shake? ;)