i'm a streaker.. wanna join me?

tammie bennett's repeating pattern red crossestwyla tharp's the creative habit is one of the best books i've ever read.  in it, she talks about the importance of making a habit of exercising your creative muscle.  there are so many more resources on this topic that i'm not going to cover here, but needless to say, the evidence is out there.....if you practice your craft, you will get good at it. really good. (numerous studies suggest 10 years of deliberate honing your craft will result in expert status).

rena tom had an article on her blog that reminded me of this. the article pointed me to this cool article, which is totally inspiring me to start my habit of writing and sketching every day.  that article linked to a cool iphone app called streaks, which i promptly bought and will be starting today.  i'm going to start with a streak for writing, and a streak for sketching.  may add other streaks in the future, but for now 2 is good.

care to streak with me? if some of you do, we could put a cool little badge on our blogs that says "i'm a streaker"... think i just may do it!

*p.s. i streaked across a practice football field in college with my coach and teammates. it was super muddy and we skidded on our bellies in the mud as we squealed and shrieked and tried to quickly get our clothes back on.  ...... the next day we all showed up to practice with a little rash on our bellies.  eww.