i'm back and i'm thankful

tammie in the darki'm so happy to be back here! here's a quick update by the numbers ::

  • 0 :: how many trees fell through our roof during hurricane sandy
  • 0 :: inches of flood water in our home
  • 5 :: people in our house totally okay during and after hurricane sandy
  • 300+ :: runners and parents that took part in our wicked pumpkin run
  • 4 :: days i suffered debilitating head and neck pain
  • 550 :: pages of the passage i've read, most of those were during days without power with the aid of a headlamp. oh, yeah....i rocked the headlamp.  see above photo.
  • 4 :: days without power or heat or internet or phone
  • 600+ :: blog posts on my google reader when i got power back
  • 27:: days in a row i've sketched
  • 27 :: days in a row i've written in my journal
  • 5 and counting :: school days my kids have missed due to hurricane sandy
  • 14 :: episodes of felicity i've watched on apple tv
  • 3 :: weeks worth of project life i got caught up on yesterday
  • bazillion :: things i want to accomplish in the next week

hope you and your families have been safe and happy while i've been away -  especially those of you in sandy's path.