i’m enrolled in lilla rogers studio school

i'm going to lilla rogers studio school i have enrolled in lilla rogers studio school's "make art that sells" e-course and i am SO excited! working with lilla in some capacity has been on my mondo business list (where all my big crazy dreams live) since i decided i wanted to give my art business a go. the second i heard lilla on smart creative women announce she was working on an e-course, i got a little bit giddy.

the course was hyped like crazy, the waiting list was jam packed, and there was a threat of a sold out course due to a limited number of participants. registration opened today.  of course my son was home sick, so i tried to make a deal with him that he wouldn't throw up while i was trying to reserve my spot at precisely 12pm EST.  haha.  he's such a good boy.  he held off.  it was a little prickly there when lilla's site crashed, (and i got a little dizzy when i saw the price tag) but it all worked out.

i decided to invest in me.  i decided to invest in my art business. (and chris fully supported me and encouraged me to do it).

lilla and beth got an amazing line up of contributors that is pretty much exactly my dream list of companies i'd like to work with.

i can't wait to dig in to those 10 weeks of information, tips, and inspiration. i can't wait to build my portfolio. i can't wait to be surrounded and supported by a group of people like me - artists who are going after it.

the course builds upon lilla's book, i just like to make things. you can check out my illustrated review of her book right here.

(lilla supplied the graphic of her school in the picture above. it's drawn by one of her artists, suzy ultman. the rest of the picture is my work.)


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