i'm looking for a partner of sorts

let's help each other i'm looking for an accountability partner (although i really dislike the formality and business-ish of the term "accountability"). i want to partner with a creative / arty woman who has big goals and dreams, but is having trouble getting things done for whatever reason. we can email/skype each other every couple weeks and check in on each other's progress.

i have tons and tons of goals, but i get overwhelmed by the big picture. i need to break it down into goals that can each be accomplished in a two week period. and if i have someone who knows those goals and is going to hold me accountable for meeting them, imagine what i can get done. and if i do the same for my person, imagine what we can both get done!

i'm really serious about this, and if you think we'd be a good fit, please let me know!  it be doubly sweet if you are a mom, but we'd work well even if you don't have a little one.  i'm  looking for a woman who wants to be a better  blogger/photographer/designer/artist/painter, etc.