i'm thankful for

Rouge & Whimsyi'm taking part in julie ann's "i'm thankful for" blog linkup party today. this has been a really great year so far and i have a million things to be thankful for. but i'm not going to list all million here.

first i just have to say that i am so overwhelmingly thankful that i have a safe, happy, healthy family. i send little thank yous out into the world all day long, and i try never to take it for granted.

my project life album has a special place for my list of things i'm thankful for each week and i love filling it out each sunday.

here's my art + business related list of things i'm thankful for ::

  • ellen and madeleine at the printed bolt ++ thank you for giving me a chance even though i didn't have the training credentials that some of the other competitors had. thank you for the feedback and for pushing me to do things i didn't know i could do.
  • thank you to the crew at aeolida who are working hard as we speak on my bright shiny new website. i can't wait!
  • alma at nicole's classes. thank you so much for teaching me really cool things in adobe illustrator. your enthusiasm is contagious and has literally set me on a journey i never expected.
  • kelly rae and jessica swift. thank you for sharing so much of yourselves with artists who are just starting out. thank you for the practical advice + encouragement and for showing us that making a living with art is possible.
  • elise blaha cripe : you never stop creating and you inspire me to be more prolific and to work harder.  thank you for showing your strength and optimism.
  • steven pressfield and twyla tharp  ++ thank you both for reminding me to work harder.
  • i know i was going to keep my family and friends out of this but i can't not mention my husband, chris.  he's my super duper biggest fan and believer and i couldn't ask for anything more in a life partner.
  • and you, dear reader. thank you to all of you who visit me here and my facebook page, etsy, twitter and pinterest and instagram. thank you to those who leave comments and email me and read my newsletter. every time i connect with you it encourages me and lifts me up a wee bit higher. thank you SO much for taking this journey with me.