in the clearing

quilting rulers i was flying along in my mondo beyondo class until we came upon the lesson about creating a clearing.  uh-oh.

i knew there were a few things i needed to clear away to make room for new things to come in.

one of them was my craft room. i am so blessed that i get to have a whole room for all of my crafty stuff, but i haven't been able to walk through it with ease in months. every time i went into the room, i got anxiety and left. which meant not much creating happened. which meant more anxiety.  so this weekend i unplugged myself from my computer and i got to work. i spent hours and  hours cleaning out my room. i changed furniture around. i have a huge bag of things to donate. i have a huge bag of things in the trash that aren't even donate-able. i found some projects i had forgotten about.

now when i walk in i feel free. i can't wait to see what is going to come out of this....