inspiring me lately


i've worked harder in the past two weeks than i've worked in a long time, but i am so inspired and energized.  (it helps that i am taking a tiny little nap in the mornings after the rush of getting three kids onto the school bus by 7:15am. the rest of my day becomes so much more productive.)

here are some things that are totally inspiring me right now:

  • a new-to-us library with books that i've been looking for for months!  this library has a cool phone app so when you're at the bookstore and you're not sure if you should buy a book, you can scan the bar code and see if it's available at your library.  how cool is that?!
  • books :: specifically maira kalman's "the principles of uncertainty" which makes me want to let loose in my sketchbook and use paints and loose lines.  also "the wes anderson collection"  the color palette alone is enough to send me into the clouds.
  • a big fat collaboration that i'm so pumped about, but i'm not ready to spill the beans quite yet... very soon.
  • the grammy awards.  so many great performances.  so many artists in utter bliss, loving their art and letting their joy radiate.  i want my work to show that.
  • this song.  i need to officially apologize to my husband and kids for having this on repeat for a couple weeks.  the song just does something to me.  can't explain. 
  • my daily project of gratitude.  is it weird to be inspired by something i'm doing?  it's been so cool to look at the little bitty things in my world each day and to focus on being thankful for it.
  • jill's 40 days of lettering project.  i am thinking of ways to work on my hand lettering.

those gorgeous florals in my image above are photoshop brushes from the wonderfully talented ez pudewa at creature comfortsyou can get them here.