introducing the happy happy art collective


i'm so happy to announce i am part of the happy happy art collective.  we are 6 creative gals who met during lilla rogers' make art that sells e-course. 

one day near the end of december 2013, i wrote to the other artists and asked if they would like to form some type of collective so we could work on monthly projects together.  i hit send and held my breath. 

i was nervous to write them because they are all so talented.  they are all so experienced in art and illustration.  most of them have had formal schooling in art/design.  they've all had more client work than i have.  but i decided to jump.  i knew i had to believe in myself and i knew that i would grow so much as an artist to work alongside this much talent!

they all said yes! yay!

i really, really love the work of the other artists : denise holmes, emily balsley, jill howarth, lauren minco and pauline "muffin" grayson.  we all have similar goals for our art and for our collective.  we get together on google chat every two weeks and talk about our upcoming projects, assign tasks, create schedules, chat about our lives, get sneak peeks of each other's work, and help each other out with our art.  we have different strengths and we each bring something different to the table.  we balance each other so well! 

please check out our site.  we have all kinds of fun blog posts planned.  we have an ongoing alphabet project where we'll be posting our illustrations of the ABC's, we'll be posting monthly projects, free printables, and other exciting things!

i feel so fortunate to be a part of this group.  i think we have a great chemistry and the group has already been such a huge support system.  i can't wait to see where we go from here!