introducing you to DOZENdozen

tammie bennett's dozen dozen project.  12 pieces of art each month.  a different subject matter each month.

i really like the idea of a year long project.  (you can see my 2013 project roundup here.  see my takeaways from doing #365patterns, a pattern a day for 2013, here. and see my thoughts on doing #365tinythanks, my daily gratitude project for 2014, here.)

a year long (or daily) project can teach you SO much.  doing a project of this magnitude teaches you that you can MAKE time to make.  it teaches you not to focus so much on the outcome, but to enjoy the process.  you learn that mistakes are okay.  you develop your skills.  perfection is not the goal, and that's okay.  if you are able to post your project online, you gain new friends and followers.  you have beautiful pieces of art at the end.  and a lot of maybe-not-great pieces that you can build upon or at least take some grain of appreciation that you practiced your art.  

i really eased into this year and couldn't really decide on a daily project, party because i need a break from it, (i just did 2 years in a row without missing a single day for pete's sake!), and partly because i had tooooo many ideas and had a hard time narrowing them down.  

so for 2015, i've decided to do 12 pieces of art each month.  a DOZENdozen.  each month i'll pick a new subject matter and will do all 12 pieces on that subject.  my goal is to try to post 3 pieces a week and a bonus post at the end of the month showing all 12 together in some fashion (maybe an art print, maybe a pattern, etc).  i haven't decided if i will do all paintings or let some other media in.  we shall see how it unfolds. 

i may share sneak peeks on instagram under #DOZENdozen.

obviously, i'm behind for january, but i think i can make it work!  come back tomorrow for my first update!

if you're doing a year long or daily project, please let me know…. i'd love to follow along!