it's a jungle in my head

tammie bennett jungle cat art print

yes, indeed.  a jungle in my head.  you'd think i was crazy if you knew how many project ideas i have in my head.  and i want to work on all of them.  my neck hurts sometimes from holding up this big fat head full of a million ideas. 

you want some examples of what i'm thinking of?

i have SO MANY patterns and illustrations and hand lettered projects i want to create.  i want to create ceramics. i want to weave.  i want to write a book.  i want to teach at least 10 different e-courses.  i want to start a community where women support and celebrate each other.  i want to have a podcast.  i want to video blog or host an online talk show. i want to blog and write and develop my social media.

i'm going to cut myself off now before you think i'm nuts (but i'm guessing you can relate big time).  

check back here tomorrow to find out how i clear the vines from my path through this jungle and see how i actually get things done.  

i'd love to hear a few things you want to do!