it's all good. even when it's not.

tammie bennett's its all good print

i had a woozy of a day yesterday.  the kind where bad things just pile up and at times i felt like i was suffocating.  

i had spent a good hour the night before planning for a day of success.  i was ready to make a lot of progress towards my dreams and goals.  i had on my game face.  i had plans.  i had meetings.

and then i woke up.  to some not so great stuff.  i questioned if i could really pull off being a mom and being a successful artist + business owner and being a woman who takes care of herself.  i know other people have these days, but sometimes it feels like i'm the only one who might not be able to pull it off.  

i've actually had several instances like this in the past couple years where i get totally in the proper mindset for success and productivity, and then the universe steps in and says, "oh, yeah?  you think you can do this?  well, i have something to throw at ya.  let's see how you handle it."

i've been reading a lot about how mindsets  can affect the outcomes.  i tried on a positive mindset today for kicks.  and guess what?  it totally worked.  i kind of just tucked in to myself and quietly took the punches, knowing that i could get through it.  knowing that others are suffering WAY worse things.  knowing that oftentimes right before something great comes a big challenge.  the storm before the rainbow.

i looked around at the end of the day at the puppies on my lap,  the three laughing kids on the couch beside me and my husband on the phone and reminded myself that it's all good.


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