january goals

tammie bennett's  monthly goals for january 2013 1.  2013-feelings-icon-clarity massive cleanup of my studio. i'm going to be ruthless in getting rid of things i don't use. i may be listing lots of great stuff on etsy. i'm tempted to show you a BEFORE picture, but it might prompt some sort of intervention. maybe i'll show you the before when i have a sparkling AFTER photo. and then it will be too late to intervene.

2.  2013-feelings-icon-prosper2013-feelings-icon-productive launch my new website and online shop.  i still have quite a bit of testing, adding to my portfolio and blog organization.  this is a big one.  big and fat.

3. 2013-feelings-icon-healthy 2013-feelings-icon-confident continue my daily exercise. more about this later.

tammie's desired feelings key for more about what each of these feelings means to me, visit this link