june goals

tammie's june goalsin 2013, i'll be choosing a few monthly goals to focus on, while making sure they tie in to how i want to feel this year. here are my goals for june.

  1. 2013-feelings-icon-productive2013-feelings-icon-confident i'm going to be super committed and engaged with lilla's make art that sells class. i have been in love with the artists she represents for a few years now and it's pretty dreamy that i get to take a class from her.  i want to work my buns off in this class and really step up my work.
  2. 2013-feelings-icon-confidenti will create something in photoshop without fear. i seriously don't know what my problem is but i must get over my mental hangup with photoshop.  i love illustrator so much and it is so intuitive but photoshop, not so much.  i really want to explore it for creating artwork.  i don't have to create anything great.  i just want to play without fear.
  3. 2013-feelings-icon-healthy 2013-feelings-icon-confident i am going to really try not to yell.  i grew up in a house with way too much yelling and i always knew i wanted to parent without it.  and for the most part i do.  but man, i've found myself letting loose with the vocal cords a bit much lately.  and it's all because i have too much on my plate so things put me over the edge that shouldn't.  i read this article, and it firmed up my resolve to quiet down and be more patient.
  4. 2013-feelings-icon-clarity  i will make a daily and weekly schedule and really try to stick to it.  this is a jam-packed goal.  i want to find a babysitter so i can schedule art and work time and i want a few date nights.  i will schedule blog posts.  i am going to schedule play time and family time.  i will have a meeting with myself every sunday to plan the week ahead.  i will schedule some space to be filled with whatever comes my way.  we will make our summer list.  i will schedule exercise.  i'm not saying i'll be rigid, but i find that i tend to get more done if i have some sort of direction in my day.
  5. 2013-feelings-icon-productive i will photograph and make a video for my second set of 100 sketches.  i can't believe i haven't done this yet since i had so much fun with my first video.


for more about what each of these feelings means to me, visit this link

tammie's desired feelings key

what are your goals for june? i'd love to know.